Tester Urges Republicans and Democrats to Unite to Lower Cost of Health Care

Montana’s Senior Senator Calls on Congress to Quickly Debate His Six Health Care Improvement Bills

(Big Sandy, Mont.)—U.S. Senator Jon Tester today is urging Republicans and Democrats to unite and work together to lower the cost of health care for all Montanans.

Tester has been calling on both parties to work together on health care legislation and has sponsored numerous bills to lower the cost of health insurance premiums, stabilize insurance markets, protect access to Medicaid, and bring down the cost of prescription drugs.

Tester is now demanding his bills get an immediate hearing after the Senate’s attempt to upend the health care system failed on a bipartisan vote.

“The current system needs to be fixed and that’s only going to happen if Republicans and Democrats sit down and work together on solutions that lower the cost of health care for everyone,” Tester said. “I have brought some real health care improvement bills to the table, and I’m committed to finding more solutions, but I cannot and will not vote for anything that raises costs, kicks people off their health plans, and closes rural hospitals.”

Tester has reached out to President Trump and leading Senate Republicans to work together to lower costs and increase access to health care. Tester did not receive a response.

Tester is calling on the Senate to quickly debate his six bills that will immediately improve the health care system, lower the cost of health care for Montanans, and stabilize insurance marketplaces.

Tester’s bills include:

  • Marketplace Certainty Act
    A bill to ensure the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stabilizes health insurance markets by making cost-sharing reduction payments.
    A bill to force drug companies to publicly report detailed information when they raise the price of their drugs.
    A bill to ensure Montana gets its fair share of Medicaid expansion funding.