MUST WATCH: Tester Says Keep the Upper Missouri River Breaks As It Is

“Ensure This Land Remains Protected for all Montanans and for Future Generations”

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester is taking to social media to call on Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to leave the Upper Missouri River Breaks the way it is.

In an online video, Tester discusses the Administration’s review of national monument designations by saying, “Nearly 20 years ago, after a two-year review and extensive public input, Montanans helped protect the Upper Missouri River Breaks and had a voice in how it should be managed.”

Since that time, Tester continues, the region attracts well over 130,000 visitors who spend $10 million every year in Montana.

“This region has largely remained unchanged since God made it,” Tester says. “Protecting it as a national monument will keep it that way for our kids and grandkids while also guaranteeing clean water and rich hunting and fishing opportunities.”

Nearly 700 Montanans have contacted Tester with their concerns about the Administration using this review to roll back public access to the region.

Tester closes his video by saying, “Let’s keep the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument as it is.”

Tester followed up with a letter to Secretary Zinke outlining his position, you can read of copy of the letter HERE.