Tester Highlights Montana Small Businesses During Defense Hearing

Senator: Montana Small Businesses are Bringing Cutting Edge Inventions to the Table

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester today highlighted Montana small businesses and their work to keep Americans safe and create high-paying jobs.

During a Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee hearing, Tester emphasized to top Pentagon officials the innovative work Montana small businesses are doing to enhance all branches of the military and support members of the Armed Forces. Tester has used his seat on the Appropriations Committee to secure funding each year for Defense Department grants that Montana small businesses use to hire workers and provide critical equipment and services to the Armed Forces.

“Robust defense research funding ensures that we provide the brave men and women serving our nation with the best possible tools to accomplish their mission and to keep them safe,”
Tester said. “Montana entrepreneurs and small businesses are often on the forefront of technology, and they bring fresh ideas and cutting edge inventions to the table. I know this is true in Montana.”

Tester plans to vote for a federal budget this week that makes strong investments in defense research. Many Montana businesses will receive a portion of these funds to provide research, equipment, and services to the military.

Tester listed some of the important contributions that Montana small businesses are already making to America’s service members during the hearing. Tester specifically emphasized the work of Polson’s Adelos Inc. that develops fiber-optic sensors, Bozeman’s S2 Corporation that analyzes spectrum communication around the world, and Bozeman’s Mystery Ranch that manufactures backpacks for members of the Armed Forces. Adelos was recently awarded a Rapid Innovation Fund contract from the U.S. Air Force to provide a cost-effective solution for securing the perimeters of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launch facilities.

“Our small, innovative, Montana-based startup has developed a passive fiber optic sensing system that is capable of detecting, classifying, and localizing surface, underground, and airborne threats,” said Scott Colton, CEO of Adelos, Inc. “Sen. Tester has been a strong and consistent advocate for small businesses in Montana making it possible for companies like Adelos to provide the Department of Defense with innovative solutions that help them meet their mission needs.”

“At a time when security threats are increasing across the globe, S2 Corporation is hiring Montanans to develop dynamic technologies that detect and geolocate the radio frequency emissions for communication and radar of our adversaries, across the entire spectrum simultaneously,” said Kris Merkel, CEO of S2 Corporation in Bozeman. “Thanks to Senator Tester, we have been able to secure and extend several important competitive federal contracts that help keep this country safe and create more high-tech jobs right here in Montana.”

“As a member of the Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition, Mystery Ranch has provided America’s service members with critical equipment that is built for their specific mission,” said Dana Gleason, CEO of Mystery Ranch. “These resources are critical to Mystery Ranch and help us create more jobs right here in Bozeman. We want to thank Senator Tester for his continued support for our troops and the Montana small businesses who equip them.”

Tester has been celebrating National Small Business Week by taking actions each day to help Montana small business grow and create more jobs.

On Monday, Tester sent a letter to the Trump Administration to help Montana’s small-scale gun manufacturers better compete and sell products across the world.

On Tuesday, Tester sponsored legislation to cut taxes for Montana’s small breweries and distilleries.