Tester Demands Answers After FBI Confirms Investigation into Russian Cyberattack

Senator Turns Up Heat After Administration Dodges Questions

(U.S. Senate)-U.S. Senator Jon Tester is now pushing the White House for detailed answers about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn after the FBI today confirmed it is investigating Russia’s cyberattacks against the United States.

Flynn resigned in February after misleading the Trump Administration on his conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. Tester responded by questioning key officials on the details of Flynn’s vetting process. The Administration, however, failed to respond to the Tester’s questions by the March 17 deadline.

So Tester, ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Homeland Security Subcommittee and a member of the Homeland Security Committee, is now turning directly to the White House for answers.

“Russia’s attack on our democracy was a deliberate attempt to undermine the trust Montanans have in our government,” Tester said. “Now that we know the FBI is investigating Russia’s possible ties to President Trump’s team, we need detailed answers about the vetting of General Flynn and other White House advisers because it’s critical to our national security. The administration must address these concerns thoroughly in order to prevent future attacks and to keep our nation safe.”

Tester’s questions for the Trump Administration are below.

  • When was Flynn’s most recent Single Scope Background Re-Investigation conducted? 
  • Which agency conducted Mr. Flynn’s most recent security clearance investigation?
  • Did the FBI conduct a background investigation for Flynn following the election and prior to him working at the White House?
  • If so, how long did it take for the FBI to conduct Flynn’s background investigation?
  • Was Flynn subject to a Counterintelligence Scope Polygraph prior to taking his position as National Security Advisor?
  • Was Flynn required to undergo a polygraph as part of his most recent security clearance investigation?
  • Did Flynn accurately indicate the extent of his contact with Russian government officials on his most recent SF-86 form? 
  • Does the FBI maintain records of Flynn’s foreign travel prior to him working at the White House? 
  • Does the FBI have records of Flynn’s foreign contact logs during his time as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency?
  • What additional areas of concern were flagged by investigators during Flynn’s most recent background investigation?
  • Is Flynn’s security clearance expected to be permanently revoked due to the circumstances of his resignation? 
  • Which White House Executive Office positions currently require security clearances?
  • What are the dates on which these security clearances were granted and what are the dates of the most recent re-investigations for these individuals?
  • Why does each of these individuals require a security clearance to hold their positions?
  • What requirement determines the need for these individuals to access classified information and hold security clearances? Which individual, office, or policy makes this determination within the White House?
  • We understand numerous individuals within the White House Executive Office have recently been denied a security clearance. 
  • How many individuals does this apply to? 
  • What were their intended job titles and responsibilities? 
  • Of those individuals who were denied a clearance to work at the White House Executive Office, have any been hired or are in the process of being placed in another federal government department or agency in the administration?
  • Are any White House Executive Office staff currently employed who have derogatory and/or disqualifying information in their background investigation, yet who the White House Executive Office still deems eligible to hold a security clearance?