Tester to Trump: Let the Sun Shine in at the Federal Election Commission

Senator Pushes for More Transparency in Campaign Finance System

(U.S. Senate) – As the nation celebrates Sunshine Week, U.S. Senator Jon Tester is urging President Trump to bring much needed transparency to the country’s campaign finance system as the President considers filling an open seat on the Federal Election Commission.

“During your campaign, you frequently and correctly criticized our current campaign finance system that drowns out the voices of everyday Americans at the benefit of large corporations and billionaires,” Tester wrote to Trump. “I respectfully urge you to nominate an individual who will stand up against this trend and work to rein in this broken system.”

Tester, a longtime campaign finance reform leader, called on the President to appoint a Federal Election Commissioner who’s committed to transparency to fill the seat of Ann Ravel who resigned in February.

“Ms. Ann Ravel’s resignation provides a great opportunity to nominate an individual who will work to shed some much needed light on the flood of money that is influencing our democracy,” Tester wrote.

Tester encouraged the President to work with him to pass Tester’s SUN Act, which will make public the names of donors who give more than $5,000 to dark money groups. Tester also asked the President to support his legislation that requires Senate candidates to electronically file their campaign finance reports, making them more easily accessible to members of the public.

Last month, Tester introduced his plan to get big money out of politics.

Read Tester’s letter to President Trump HERE.