Tester Statement on the Resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn

(U.S. Senate)-U.S. Senator Jon Tester released the following statement in response to the resignation of General Michael Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Advisor:

“Mr. Flynn’s resignation is troubling and raises serious concerns about our national security. I have long been concerned about this administration’s close relationship with Russia, and Congress must immediately convene a bipartisan committee to investigate. The American public deserves to know exactly what Mr. Flynn and other members of this administration have been communicating about behind closed doors with Russian leaders.”

Tester, a senior member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, has called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to launch an investigation into reports that Russia coordinated cyberattacks on our election process.

Tester is now calling on Congressional leaders from both parties to create a bipartisan Select Committee to investigate Russia’s influence on Trump Administration officials.

Tester joined colleagues today to request the FBI to immediately provide a briefing to members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee regarding communication between Flynn and Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak.

Tester has voiced support for sanctioning Russia because of its cyber-attacks on the U.S.