Tester Stands with Montana Seniors and Protects Medicare

Senator to Vote Against Health and Human Services Nominee Who Supports Medicare Privatization

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester today announced he will be voting against Department of Health and Human Services Secretary nominee Tom Price because of his plan to privatize Medicare.

Tester took to the floor to stand with Montana seniors and spoke at length about the dangers of privatizing the popular initiative. Price, a Congressman from Georgia, supports privatizing Medicare.

“We cannot allow this Administration to gamble with our seniors’ future and their health care,” Tester said. “America’s seniors have earned their Medicare over a lifetime of hard work and because most of them live on fixed incomes, they cannot afford to see it privatized.”

Tester warned of the dire impacts Medicare privatization would have on rural America.

“A farmer from Fort Benton who has given his blood, sweat, and tears to feed our country, and is hanging up his dirty baseball cap for the last time, will have to worry about finding extra money in his savings to cover higher premiums and out of pocket costs,” Tester said.

Montanans flooded Tester’s office with letters, emails and phone calls opposing Price’s Medicare plans and nomination. Tester read aloud some of the e-mails and letters he received, entering them into the Congressional Record.

“I believe we should be expanding health care coverage for Americans, not making it more difficult to access and afford,” Elaine from Lolo wrote. “Price wants to scale back Medicare and Medicaid, is out of touch with the realities of the challenges and needs for reproductive freedom and safety, and has financial conflicts of interest that would potentially skew his judgement. A better choice should be demanded for the person who will lead Health and Human Services to ensure our country has the best possible healthcare and service support for the needs for all humans, not just those in line with Rep Price’s interest.”

“Please do not support anybody wanting to privatize Medicare,” Ann from Stevensville wrote.

“I am adamantly opposed to the nominee, Congressman Price. His approach takes us back to the 1980s, ignores the reality of life for a large portion of our population. And is inconsistent with our obligation to care for the least of our brothers,” Joseph from Missoula wrote.

You can watch Tester’s floor speech HERE.