Tester Statement on President-elect Donald Trump’s VA Nominee David Shulkin

(U.S. Senate)-Senator Jon Tester, Ranking Member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, today released the following statement after President-elect Donald Trump nominated David Shulkin as Secretary of the VA:

“I have worked closely with Dr. Shulkin during his time as head of the Veterans Health Administration to tear down barriers to care for veterans across Montana, and I know he understands the challenges facing veterans in rural communities. I look forward to bringing Dr. Shulkin into my office to ask him tough questions about fixing the Choice Program, streamlining care in the community, reducing wait times at the VA, and delivering on our nation’s commitment to the brave men and women who served this nation.”

Shulkin has served as the VA Undersecretary of Health since 2015 where he has been in charge of administering health care services to the millions of veterans enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration.

Shulkin has publically backed Tester’s legislation to improve care by streamlining and consolidating community care programs, and eliminate many of the bureaucratic hurdles that prevent veterans from accessing care.

Tester will personally meet with Shulkin in the coming weeks to review his qualifications prior to his confirmation hearing in front of Tester’s Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Tester installed a portal on his website where Montanans can submit their questions and comments regarding all of President-elect Trump’s nominees-including Shulkin.