Tester Calls on Senate to Investigate Russian Cyberattacks

Senator Requests Bipartisan Committee Take Action to Prevent Tampering with Elections

(Havre, Mont.) – Senator Jon Tester today is requesting that the Senate begin a comprehensive investigation into American intelligence reports that Russia carried out coordinated cyberattacks on America during the most recent election.

Tester is asking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to create a temporary Select Committee made up of Republicans and Democrats to investigate cyber intrusions, and to come up with recommendations to prevent future cyberattacks.

“The security of our nation and democracy come before any political affiliation. That’s why we must work together and send a strong message to the world that we will not stand for tampering with our elections,” wrote Tester. “Americans expect us to do everything within our power to safeguard our nation’s economy, security and democracy from foreign threats.”

Tester noted that Congress has a responsibility to conduct nonpartisan oversight and only an independent committee to investigate cybersecurity will bring clarity to this issue.

Tester joins Republicans and Democrats in calling for this bipartisan Committee. You can read Tester’s letter HERE.