Montana Health Care: What’s At Risk

U.S. Senator Jon Tester is deeply concerned about the future of our nation’s health care. He knows what’s at risk if Congress passes irresponsible legislation that rolls back access to a doctor and raises premiums for Montana families.

That’s because at the end of last year, Jon embarked on a statewide health care tour hitting over a dozen cities and towns. From Plentywood to Billings and Butte to Libby, Jon listened to Montanans about what’s working and what’s not with our current health care system.

He heard from a man in Butte who had diabetes and mental health issues and couldn’t hold down a job because of his health issues. But thanks to Medicaid expansion he saw a doctor, and now can work and provide for his family. He heard from a hospital administrator in a small Montana town who said if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act, his hospital will close and the families there will have to drive an hour in an emergency just to get health care.

He also heard from families who said their premiums were too high and they couldn’t afford health care.

It’s these stories and so many others that informed Jon’s perspective. He believes we need to keep the things that are working, and fix the things that aren’t. He knows the current system isn’t perfect, but he also knows that more people than ever before have access to care.

Unfortunately, there are those in Congress who aren’t listening to their constituents and they are plotting to pass a bill that puts the health of Montanans at risk.

As you know, the U.S. House passed the overwhelmingly unpopular American Health Care Act a few weeks ago and the Senate just released it’s own bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

These bills raise premiums on people thinking about retirement, jeopardizes Medicaid expansion, and puts Montana’s rural hospitals and clinics at risk of closing. 

The Majority Leader says the Senate will vote on a bill before July 4, so Montanans have very little time to weigh in and ensure their voices are heard. You can add your voice to the chorus of folks who want a say in their health care future by filling out the form below or emailing your story to

Jon knows what’s at risk for Montana families and our rural communities. He will be fighting to ensure you have affordable, accessible health care across Montana.

Find out more about #WhatsAtRisk HERE, and click here for a summary of Jon’s efforts to improve health care in Montana. 

You can read the Better Care Reconciliation Act HERE.