Tester Introduces Legislation to Increase Transparency of Public Records

Senatorâ??s Bill Will Hold Federal Government Accountable

(U.S. Senate) – Senator Jon Tester today introduced legislation to increase transparency of public records and hold the federal government accountable.

Tester’s Public Online Information Act will make all public records from the Executive Branch permanently available on the Internet in a searchable database at no cost to constituents.

“Unfortunately, the federal government can be a black hole of information and bureaucracy,” said Tester. “It’s time we shine some light on government and hold federal agencies accountable to the public. This legislation is a strong step forward in transparency and ensuring government works for Montana.”

Tester’s bill aligns with the Freedom of Information Act in exempting matters of national security, personnel records, and pending law enforcement investigations from the database.

This legislation is endorsed by the Sunlight Foundation and can be found HERE.