Tester Calls on Army Corps of Engineers to Protect the Yellowstone River

Senator Fights to Strengthen Montanaâ??s Outdoor Way of Life

(Missoula, Mont.)- Senator Jon Tester is calling on the Army Corps of Engineers to work with the State of Montana, local officials and organizations to ensure the health of the Yellowstone River.

Tester’s request comes on the heels of a large-scale fish kill in the Yellowstone River. Noting that the Yellowstone supports fishing guides, rafting companies, hotels, and restaurants, Tester wants the Army Corps to take steps to guarantee the River remains a vibrant ecosystem.

“The Yellowstone River has been experiencing near record low flows and high temperatures, which stress fish populations and exacerbate the impacts of a parasite that causes proliferative kidney disease,” Tester wrote. “As we see these very real impacts of climate change, I stand ready to work with the Corps on projects to increase the overall health and resiliency of the Yellowstone River.”

Tester, a long-term advocate for outdoor recreation, is calling on the Army Corps to use its existing authority to protect riparian areas, restore instream flows, and achieve other ecosystem restoration benefits that help ease the impacts of extreme weather events and strengthen the future health of this river.

Tester’s letter to the Army Corps of Engineers can be found HERE.