Tester Fights for the People of Butte, Holds EPA and Solvay Accountable

Senator Calls for Transparency and Action on Behalf of Butte America

(Big Sandy, Mont.) – Senator Jon Tester is calling on the EPA to ensure the people of Butte are heard and protected in any final cleanup plan for the Solvay phosphorus site west of town.

“I want to ensure that any final decision protects Butte and the surrounding communities over the long term,” Tester wrote. “As the families in Butte know firsthand, transparency in this process is critical and will ensure responsible decisions are made and appropriate parties are held accountable for the safety of the community.”

The EPA is taking public comment on a plan to address the 500,000 gallons of phosphorous-bearing sludge at the Solvay owned site. This sludge has been a risk to the region for nearly 20 years.

Tester, a longtime advocate for the people of Butte, called for increased efforts by the EPA to inform the public on its proposed plan, and to specifically outline a timeline for addressing the hazardous materials on the site. He also called on the EPA to answer any and all questions the community might have in order to ensure a transparent and informative process.

Tester’s letter to the EPA can be found HERE.