Tester Calls on Congress to Do Their Job

Senator Goes to Senate Floor to Demand Action on Issues Important to Montanans

(U.S. Senate) – Senator Jon Tester took to the Senate floor today to call out his colleagues for their partisan politics and refusal to do their job.

With the Senate set to recess next week for the election without addressing many of the problems facing the country, Tester laid out potential solutions. Tester called on his colleagues to address the Zika crisis, pass his bipartisan Veterans First Act, and hold a hearing on a Supreme Court nominee.

Tester called on his colleagues to do their jobs.

“In my lifetime, we’ve never worked less days in the United States Senate than we have this year. It’s unbelievable,” Tester said. “We’re leaving Americans hung out to dry. We’re leaving without doing our job. We’re leaving because of the next election, and this is criminal.”

He laid out a laundry list of problems and legislative solutions that sit before the Senate including passing long term appropriations legislation, campaign finance reform, and bills to strengthen schools, health care, and our national security.

“Does a hardworking nurse wait until after election day to insert the IV? No, they go to work,” Tester said. “I know firsthand, a farmer would not wait for the polls to close to harvest their crop. The American people have to do their job day in and day out, no matter what. They expect the same from the people they elect to this body.”

Tester expressed his frustration on the floor and called on his colleagues to do better.

The Senate has been in session for the least amount of time in 60 years. A calendar of the Senate session can be found HERE.

You can view Tester’s entire speech HERE.