Days After Latest North Korean Nuclear Test, Tester and Daines Fight to Include ICBM Modernization in Annual Defense Legislation

(U.S. Senate)- Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines today pushed to strengthen Malmstrom’s ICBM fleet and ensure our nuclear weapons remain a critical deterrent and component of our national security.

Just days after North Korea successfully launched another nuclear test, Tester and Daines are calling upon both House and Senate Armed Services Committee leadership to include important ICBM modernization provisions in the final conference committee agreement on the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.

“We must make it clear that the United States will not tolerate any threats from North Korea or any of our other adversaries,” Tester said. “As these adversaries seek greater nuclear capabilities, it is critical that we continue moving forward on our efforts to modernize our nuclear arsenal and ensure it is an effective deterrent that can keep us safe for decades to come. Doing so will give our service members the resources and technology they need to effectively carry out their mission, and provide Americans with a renewed sense of security.”

“The Airmen at Malmstrom bear the great weight of standing ready with the world’s most powerful weapons, employing them every day as a vital component of our nation’s nuclear deterrent force,” Daines stated. “Ensuring the modernization of our nuclear weapons is critical to our domestic safety and geopolitical strength. We must stand ready for all 21st century threats.”

In their letter to Armed Services Committee leadership, Tester and Daines emphasized that modernizing our nuclear triad is needed in order to ensure the U.S. remains ahead of the nuclear capabilities of our adversaries like North Korea.

In July, Tester and Daines urged Defense Secretary Ash Carter to advance ICBM nuclear modernization as expeditiously as possible, including taking critical steps to develop and procure the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.

Earlier this year, Tester and Daines voted to increase sanctions on North Korea after they tested a nuclear weapon.

Tester and Daines’ letter to Armed Services Committee leadership is available HERE.