Tester Announces Over $300,000 to Support Local Law Enforcement

(Great Falls, Mont.) – Senator Jon Tester has helped secure $328,973 in federal funding for local law enforcement throughout Montana.

“Local law enforcement officers are the reason we can sleep soundly at night,” Tester said. “These heroes deserve the same peace of mind. That’s why I’m proud to help increase the safety and preparedness of our local law enforcement agencies.”

The awards all come from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program, which awards funding to state, local, and tribal entities to support law enforcement initiatives based on specific regional needs. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Tester has advocated for investing in the JAG Program.

The breakdown by city, amount, and purpose is as follows:

City of Helena – $38,503
The city of Helena will use this funding to hire a liaison to help relay information and coordinate efforts between the Helena Police Department, the Lewis and Clark County Attorney’s Office, and the City Prosecutor’s Office.

City of Billings – $86,925
The city of Billings will use this grant money to purchase new law enforcement equipment including body cameras, a thermal imaging camera, and medic trauma gunshot wound kits.

City of Great Falls – $29,879
The city of Great Falls plans to use this award to increase the mobile connectivity of their police officers’ in-car computer systems to ensure officers, dispatch services, and state agencies can stay updated and connected.

City of Bozeman – $15,155
With this funding the city of Bozeman plans to outfit their police department’s current patrol vehicles with extra safety and trauma equipment to help officers respond safely and effectively to high-threat situations.

City of Havre – $10,535
The city of Havre plans to use this award money to purchase traffic safety and communications equipment to ensure the city’s police officers are safe and connected.

Flathead County – $31,665
Flathead County will use this funding to purchase radar units, thermal imagers, and body cameras for their department’s patrol division to ensure both the police and the public are protected.

Gallatin County – $10,658
Gallatin County will increase the safety and efficacy their police officers by acquiring new law enforcement equipment with this funding.

City of Missoula – $60,373
The city of Missoula plans to use this money to purchase body cameras, video microphones, and other relevant technology to increase officer safety and accountability, while also helping prosecute offenders.

City and County of Butte-Silver Bow – $18,420
With this funding, Butte-Silver Bow plans to assist, improve, and enhance the capabilities of law enforcement officers by purchasing new computers for their police department.

City of Kalispell – $10,904
The city of Kalispell plans to enhance the investigative capabilities of its law enforcement officers by using this grant money to fund forensic analysis of electronic equipment and provide upgrades to the police department’s portable radio system.

Lake County – $15,956
Lake County will use this funding to outfit the county’s new police patrol vehicles with video systems to aid in crime fighting and oversight efforts.

Tester recently announced $2.85 million to support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.