Tester Holds DC Accountable, Sponsors Bill to End Automatic Pay Raises in Congress

Senator: Until Congress Gets to Work, Nobody in Congress Deserves a Pay Raise

(U.S. Senate)-Following one of the longest Congressional recesses in recent history, Senator Jon Tester is holding himself and Congress accountable by sponsoring legislation to eliminate automatic pay raises for members of Congress.

“In Montana, folks don’t receive a raise if they aren’t doing the job they were hired to do and Congress should play by those same rules,” Tester said. “Folks in Congress must hold themselves accountable to the families they represent, and until Congress begins to reduce wasteful spending, cut red tape for small businesses, take care of our veterans, and fill judicial vacancies-nobody in Washington deserves a pay raise.”

Tester’s bill will end the automatic pay raises that members of Congress receive each year-saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Currently, members of Congress receive automatic yearly cost-of-living pay increases unless they vote to deny the raise. Senator Tester is a long-time advocate of ending the automatic pay increase having voted for this proposal in 2009.

Tester is the only member of the Montana Congressional Delegation sponsoring this legislation to end permanently eliminate automatic pay raises for members of Congress.

In July and August, Tester maintained a vigorous public schedule and met with hundreds of Montanans despite Congress taking the longest recess in modern history.

In his ongoing commitment to accountability and transparency, Tester remains the only member of Congress to publically post his schedule every day on his website.