Billings Airport to Receive $2 Million for Infrastructure Improvements

(U.S. Senate) – As part of his ongoing efforts to improve the quality and safety of Montana’s airports, Senator Jon Tester proudly announced today that the Billings Logan International Airport will receive almost $2 million in funding for infrastructure improvements.

“Montana is a vast state, with a large tourism industry that contributes to our economy and supports good paying jobs,” Tester said. “This investment will help connect the Magic City to the rest of the country and world.”

The funding-awarded through the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP)-will go towards extending the airport’s existing taxiways and improving the airport’s drainage system.

“These AIP grants allow for enhancing safety and continuing the expansion of the Billings Airport and we are grateful to have these needed funds,” Billings Director of Aviation and Transit Kevin Ploehn said. “The projects being funded include the extension of the east taxi lane so that hangar development can continue on the east end of the Airport. The Storm Drainage project will help with the continuation of storm water enhancement projects the Airport has been pursuing.”

With FAA reauthorization legislation currently being debated in the Senate, Tester has been working hard to ensure Montana’s airports are secure. He has introduced several amendments to the FAA reauthorization bill to improve Montana’s air travel infrastructure, increase security at rural airports, and address the skyrocketing costs of air ambulance services across the state.