Tester, Daines designate National Asbestos Awareness Week

Senators’ resolution highlights impact of asbestos on Libby & Troy

(U.S. Senate) – Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines are designating the first week of April as National Asbestos Awareness week to educate the public about asbestos-related diseases that have plagued folks in Libby and Troy.

The Senators’ resolution highlights the devastating impacts of asbestos exposure to residents in Libby and Troy and urges the U.S. Surgeon General to educate people about the public health issues related to asbestos exposure.

“While we work together to continue to clean up Libby and Troy and care for its residents, we also have to educate other communities about the devastating impacts of asbestos exposure,” Tester said. “Libby and Troy have been changed forever, and we certainly don’t want to see history repeat itself.”

“Too many Montana families have suffered at the hands of this deadly carcinogen and we must continue to raise awareness about the serious effects caused by asbestos exposure,” Daines stated. “Working together we can continue making our communities a better and safer place for all and to protect our families and loved ones from asbestos.”

“The Libby community and the Center for Asbestos Related Disease greatly appreciate Senators Tester and Daines for their dedication to the people exposed to asbestos, living with disease, and the many valuable lives lost,” said Dr. Brad Black, Medical Director and CEO for the Center for Asbestos and Related Disease in Libby. “The Asbestos Awareness Week Senate Resolution is yet another statement of their unwavering support for those affected by asbestos in Libby and across the nation.”

This month, the EPA released its final Record of Decision that identifies actions taken and future steps needed to complete the cleanup of asbestos contamination in Libby and Troy.

Tester and Daines’ National Asbestos Awareness Week resolution is available online HERE.