Tester presses law enforcement to prevent terrorist attacks

Senator calls on Congress to do its part too

(U.S. Senate) – Senator Jon Tester today pressed leading law enforcement officials to do all they can to keep America safe from the threat of terrorism, while also calling on Congress to step up and do its part.

In today’s Senate Homeland Security hearing, Tester focused on how important it is for Congress to provide law enforcement and the Department of Homeland of Security (DHS) with the proper tools.

“We need to defeat ISIS, but we also need to protect our civil liberties,” Tester said in the hearing. “We do that by implementing best practices and making sure the federal government gives you the resources you need to be successful.”

Tester also criticized members of Congress who tried to defund and shutdown DHS.

“It was a year ago that we had some people in this body use DHS funding as a political football. That is unacceptable,” Tester added. “Quite frankly, you need consistency. You need continuity. You need predictability.”

Tester recently outlined his national security agenda, which included provisions to strengthen the northern border and increase interoperability between law enforcement agencies to stop individuals from entering the country illegally.

Tester has long called for a national security approach that does not infringe on the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans. Last month, he was joined by the rest of Montana’s Congressional delegation in introducing a bill that would repeal the federal REAL ID Act, which established a central database that stores Americans’ personal information.

The Senator last summer brought Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to Montana to tour the northern border and meet with law enforcement officials to highlight national and domestic security issues.