Tester: Corporations are still not people

On the sixth anniversary of Citizens United, Tester says “Our democracy is at risk”

(U.S. Senate)-On the sixth anniversary of the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission ruling, Senator Jon Tester today reaffirmed that corporations are still not people and doubled down on his efforts to bring more transparency to political campaigns.

“Our democracy is at risk,” Tester said. “This money has created a paralysis in Congress and forced many decisions to be made out in the fringes, and it has taken power away from the middle. We need to increase transparency and we need to stop treating corporations like people.”

Tester is sponsoring the following bills to reverse the impact of Citizens United:

  • SUN Act – Requires the IRS make public the donors who give more than $5,000 to tax-exempt groups that engage in electioneering. This bill does not impact non-profits that do not engage in election activities. 
  • DISCLOSE Act – Requires all groups that engage in more than $10,000 of political spending to disclose their donors. 
  • Democracy for All America Constitutional Amendment – Clarifies that money is not speech and that Congress and state legislatures have the ability to set reasonable limits on campaign spending.
  • Corporations Aren’t People Constitutional Amendment – States that corporations aren’t people.
  • Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act – Requires Senate candidates to electronically file their campaign finance reports online, saving taxpayers nearly $500,000 every year.

The Facts:

  • Since 2010, outside spending in Senate races has more than doubled according to PBS.
  • Of the $1 billion spent in federal elections by super PACs since 2010, nearly 60 percent of the money came from just 195 individuals
  • Without a single vote being cast, over $150 million has been spent by outside organizations this campaign cycle.

Last Congress, Tester launched a #CorpsArentPeople social media campaign. You can download the Twitter and Facebook graphics by clicking the hyperlinks.

You can also watch Tester’s entire Citizens United message HERE.