Tester: All women have right to seek healthcare without fear

Senator condemns attacks on women’s access to healthcare after Planned Parenthood shooting

(U.S. Senate)- Following the recent Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado, Senator Jon Tester is taking steps to affirm that all women have the right to seek healthcare without fear.

Tester is cosponsoring a Senate Resolution that emphasizes the importance of the health care services millions of women receive from Planned Parenthood. The resolution also outlines the increase in threats, harassment, and violence taking place at these clinics. Tester is demanding the Senate take a vote on this resolution before the end of the year.

“It is unacceptable that folks have to fear for their safety when they are trying to access basic health care,” Tester said. “The inflated rhetoric in Washington is putting people’s lives at risk and it is instigating a climate that is dangerous to health care providers and their patients. I demand that Congress vote on this resolution before the end of the year and show women across the country that we stand with them and their individual rights.”

Last week Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood which will reduce access to basic healthcare services for those who need it most. Tester opposed this measure.

The Facts:
• One in five women in the United States will access healthcare at Planned Parenthood in their lifetime.

• In 2013 Planned Parenthood administered over 4.5 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases and performed over 900,000 cervical cancers streaming and breast exams.

Since 1977 there have been more than 190,000 acts of disruption and 7,000 violent acts that include bombings, arson, kidnapping, and assault at Planned Parenthood. Since 1993 there have been 11 murders and numerous attempted murders of health care providers and patients at Planned Parenthood.

Last month a gunman murdered three people, including a police officer, and wounded nine others at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Tester’s Senate Resolution has 33 cosponsors and is available HERE.