Tester voices support for bipartisan budget agreement, demands Congress get off their ideological soapboxes

“The voices in the middle are getting drowned out by the voices on the fringes”

(U.S. Senate)-Senator Jon Tester today took to the Senate floor to voice his support for the bipartisan budget agreement that protects interest rates from skyrocketing and shores up Social Security for seniors.

Tester is joined by Democrats and Republicans from both chambers who support the long-term budget agreement. If Congress fails to reach this agreement before November 3rd the United States will default on debt already owed.

“The voices in the middle are getting drowned out by the voices on the fringes,” Tester said. “We have become afraid of compromise. In many circles it is a dirty word, one that should never be uttered.”

Tester added that the “my way or the highway” attitude from members in Congress has failed to move the country forward, so he called on Congress to get off their “ideological soapboxes” and start governing.

“The only time folks are talking to one another is when there is a crisis,” Tester added. “The only time folks are working together is when we are faced with fiscal cliffs, economic meltdowns, and catastrophes. I hope we all realize that Congress is the only place in the country that operates like this.”

In July, Tester was joined by moderate Senators and called for Congressional leadership and the President to reach a budget deal before the end of the fiscal year.

The bipartisan budget agreement does the following:
• Raises the debt ceiling and prevents interest rates from skyrocketing.
• Prevents damaging budget sequester cuts that would have hurt veterans, students, seniors, and working families.
• Shores up the Social Security Trust Fund.
• Reduces significant Medicare premium hikes that were scheduled to impact 46,000 Montanans.

This budget is endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce, AARP and the AFL-CIO.

A section-by-section summary of the bipartisan budget agreement is available HERE. Tester’s prepared remarks on the budget agreement are available HERE.

The Senate is expected to vote on the budget around 1:00 am Friday morning, this process could continue through the weekend and into Monday.