Tester issues statement on Iran nuclear agreement

Noting that Iran is only months away from developing a nuclear weapon, Senator Jon Tester released the following statement in support of the Iran nuclear agreement:

“After reading the agreement, consulting with experts and listening to Montanans, it’s clear this deal is the only option right now to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. This agreement isn’t built on trust — it’s about holding Iran accountable through intrusive inspections and aggressive monitoring. If Iran violates this agreement, all options are on the table to ensure the security of America, Israel and our allies.”

As a member of the Senate Banking Committee, Tester voted for the crippling economic sanctions that helped bring Iran to the negotiating table and supported legislation that gave Congress the authority to review the negotiated deal.

Since the agreement became public, Tester has met with over 20 experts, asking tough questions in order to make an informed decision. Below is a timeline of notable events.

July 14
• The United States, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany announced they reached an agreement with Iran.
• Senator Tester spoke with U.S. Treasury Under Secretary Adam Szubin.

July 19
• Senator Tester began reading the agreement.
• The agreement was officially transmitted to Congress beginning the 60 day review period.

July 22
• Senator Tester attended a briefing with Secretary of State John Kerry, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and DNI National Intelligence Manager for Iran.

July 23
• Senator Tester met with AIPAC to discuss the impact the Iran nuclear agreement has on the State of Israel.

July 28
• Senator Tester met with the Center for American Progress to discuss regional implications of the Iran nuclear agreement.

July 29
• Senator Tester finished reading the agreement and sent a letter to the President asking specific questions about the agreement.
• Senator Tester met again with AIPAC to discuss in further detail the impact the Iran nuclear agreement has on the State of Israel.
• Senator Tester attended a briefing with Energy Secretary Moniz, Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, and Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes.

August 3
• Senator Tester posted the entire Iran nuclear agreement on his website and invited the public to read it and send him comments.

August 4
• Senator Tester met with Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer and Israeli Minister for Congressional Affairs Josh Zarka.

August 5
• The State Department responded to Senator Tester’s questions about the agreement.
• Senator Tester met with former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer and former Ambassador William Luers.
• Senator Tester attended Senate Banking Committee Hearing with Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary for Treasury Adam Szubin, Juan Zarate, Mark Dubowitz, Dr. Matthew Levitt, and Ambassador Nicholas Burns.

August 13
• Senator Tester announces support for the agreement.