Tester calls on House to finish their work and vote on a long-term highway bill

(U.S. Senate) – After news broke the House of Representatives is refusing to take up a long-term highway bill before the looming July 31 deadline, Senator Jon Tester today called on his colleagues to delay their early August recess and vote on a long-term highway bill.

“Potholes don’t fill themselves and crumbling roads and bridges don’t get fixed without some hard work. Unfortunately, the House might pack up and leave town before considering a long-term highway bill that will make important investments in Montana’s infrastructure, and that’s unacceptable.”

The Senate’s six year highway bill is expected to pass the Senate this week.

Tester met with Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx in July to discuss the importance of a long-term highway bill. In February, he held a roundtable with transportation experts and small business owners about the need to invest in infrastructure. He also recently called on his colleagues to pass a long-term highway bill.