Tester pushes for equality and fairness for all married couples

Senator’s new bill will modernize the tax code to meet landmark Supreme Court ruling

(U.S. Senate) – Senator Jon Tester is introducing legislation to update the tax code to recognize the marriage of all couples regardless of sexual orientation.

Tester’s bill will remove gender-specific references to marriage in the tax code and ensure all couples have the same recognition under the tax law.

“Every couple deserves equality and fairness under the law-that includes the tax code,” Tester said. “Updating our tax laws will help provide same-sex couples the dignity they deserve and will take another step forward towards eliminating discrimination in our country.”

This bill follows the U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month establishing that same-sex marriages are protected under the U.S. Constitution in all 50 states.

The bill ensures that the landmark Supreme Court decision is reflected in our nation’s tax code.

Tester’s bill has 45 cosponsors.