Tester sides with local radio stations in dispute with record labels

Senator supports Local Radio Freedom Act

(U.S. Senate) – As large record labels are pushing Congress to force radio stations to pay royalties for the first time ever, Senator Jon Tester is siding with local stations that are being threatened with losing their business.

Tester is supporting the bipartisan Local Radio Freedom Act. The resolution establishes that the decades-long relationship between radio stations and the music industry benefits local business and musicians, whose song are broadcast to audience across the country.

If the music industry has its way, local stations would be forced to devote more air time to advertising to cover the cost of paying royalties, which would result in less music and news and could force smaller broadcasters out of business, particularly in rural America.

“Like many Montanans, local radio gets me through long days on the tractor or long trips on the road. I know the radio stations, the businesses who advertise and the musicians themselves benefit from all those listeners,” Tester said. “We need to keep local radio free so that folks can continue to rely on their favorite stations to get the news they need and the entertainment they want.”

“Senator Tester understands the importance of the 155 Local Radio Broadcasters in Montana. They provide everything from breaking news coverage, severe weather reports, to emergency information updates and are a valuable resource to their listeners and their local communities. The membership of the MBA thanks Senator Tester for his continued support on this important issue,” said Dewey Bruce President of the Montana Broadcasters Association.

Tester’s Local Radio Freedom Act is available online HERE.