Tester meets with medical representatives from Libby

Senator talks health care with representatives from the Center for Asbestos Related Disease

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester recently met with representatives from Libby’s Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) to discuss health care and asbestos exposure treatment.

In Tester’s Washington office, Dr. Brad Black, Tracy McNew and Tanis Hernandez from CARD discussed their continued work to provide screenings and care to those affected by asbestos exposure.

“The CARD Clinic is a lifeline for folks in Libby. It provides vital services and support for folks who’ve suffered from asbestos exposure,” Tester said. “The work of the doctors and medical professionals is incredibly important to restoring the health of families and the community of Libby.”

CARD was established in 2000 after initial health screenings of Libby residents showed a high number of lung abnormalities. Since opening their doors, CARD has been working to provide screenings and treatment, as well as research into the effects of asbestos exposure. In 2009, Libby was the first site declared a Public Health Emergency by the EPA.

Since taking office, Tester has supported CARD’s efforts in Libby, which have resulted in more people receiving treatment and screening at CARD and through the Medicare Pilot program. He worked closely with former Senator Max Baucus to secure previous CARD grants for health screenings and expediting settlement payments for asbestos victims.