At Tester’s urging, President requests greater investment in pipeline safety

Senator praises increased safety measures

(U.S. Senate) -Following Senator Jon Tester’s call for increased inspection and upgrades of the nation’s oil pipelines, the President requested greater investment for pipeline safety in his 2016 budget proposal.

The President is asking for $175 million for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), a $30 million increase over this year’s level. PHMSA oversees and maintains the nation’s pipeline system.

Tester says the additional investment will better equip PHMSA to prevent spills and leaks like the Bridger Pipeline spill in eastern Montana that occurred two weeks ago.

“Montanans know too well what can happen when safety standards aren’t taken seriously,” Tester said. “This investment would provide folks with resources to better manage our pipeline infrastructure and protect our land and clean water. Safer pipelines are better for business and better for the environment.”

The Senator last week introduced an amendment to the Keystone bill to ensure PHMSA has the resources and staff to properly ensure the safe transportation of crude oil.