Tester statement on Nature Conservancy’s acquisition of private lands in Blackfoot River Valley

(U.S. Senate) – Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement congratulating The Nature Conservancy for acquiring Plum Creek’s remaining private lands in the Blackfoot River Valley:

“Setting aside this land in the Blackfoot River Valley will protect the Crown of the Continent and public access to our state’s most treasured outdoor places. Collaboration is the key to success in land management. Thanks to the hard work of folks on the ground and The Nature Conservancy and the Wyss Foundation, this area will be around so future generations can hunt, fish and hike.”

The Conservancy announced today it had, with the help of the Wyss Foundation and other private funders, formally acquired the last of Plum Creek’s lands in the Blackfoot River Valley, known locally as the Clearwater-Blackfoot Project. The Conservancy announced its intention to work with local communities and partners to develop a locally-driven plan to place the lands into public and long-term private conservation ownership.

Tester also noted that the Clearwater-Blackfoot Project builds off of recent bipartisan successes in conserving the North Fork and protecting the Rocky Mountain Front.