Tester helps increase trade opportunities for Montana producers

Senator successfully pushed Korea and U.S to reach agreement on organic certification

(BIG SANDY, Mont.) – Senator Jon Tester succeeded in making it easier for Montana organic farmers to export their products to South Korea.

The Republic of Korea has now adopted U.S. organic standards and will allow U.S. organically certified products to be sold in their markets. U.S. organic producers estimate that exports to South Korea equal nearly $35 million each year.

Tester urged the U.S. Trade Representative and the Korean Ambassador to the U.S. to agree to use the same organic standards – a move that would help boost business in Montana.

“The U.S. has some of the strongest organic standards in the world, and Montana producers shouldn’t have to jump through extra hoops to sell their world-class products overseas,” said Tester, the U.S. Senate’s only active farmer. “This agreement reduces red tape so that Americans farmers and ranchers can continue to feed families around the world.”

Tester previously worked to ensure this year’s Farm Bill included Country-of-Origin Labeling so American consumers knew where their meat was born, raised and processed.