Tester meets with Admiral Cecil Haney to discuss ICBMs

Senator advocates for modern missile fleet

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester today met with the Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, Admiral Cecil Haney, to discuss the future of the ICBM mission in Montana and the important role that Malmstrom plays in America’s national security.

Tester – co-chairman of the Senate ICBM Coalition – spoke with Haney about modernizing the ICBM fleet and career advancement opportunities for Malmstrom’s Airmen and women.

“I’m pleased that Admiral Haney and I see eye-to-eye about the future of Malmstrom,” Tester said. “ICBMs remain the most cost-effective nuclear deterrent and are important not only to the Great Falls community and north central Montana, but also to our national security.”

Tester and Haney also discussed ways to improve the morale of the Airmen and women serving at the base in Great Falls.

U.S. Strategic Command coordinates the military’s space, nuclear and global strike operations.

In April, Tester successfully fought to keep Malmstrom’s ICBM silos in warm status ensuring they remain under the watch of Malmstrom’s security and maintenance personnel.