Tester hails new resources to clean up polluted sites, improve economy

Senator: ‘We strengthen Montana when we take care of our lands’

Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement after news broke that the EPA is investing $1.4 million in three Montana organizations working to clean up and re-develop contaminated sites across the state:

“We strengthen Montana when we take care of our lands, air and water. Cleaning up polluted sites will improve public health and allow businesses to grow and create more Montana jobs. One of Montana’s best assets is our treasured lands, and I support the work these groups are doing to strengthen our state and its future.”

The EPA announced that Bear Paw Development Corporation of Northern Montana, Big Sky Economic Development Authority and Great Northern Development Corporation will receive the funds to assess and clean-up sites with hazardous substances and petroleum contamination.

Each organization will focus its efforts on a different part of the state, with Bear Paw working in counties in north-central Montana, Big Sky focusing on Billings and Great Northern working across 15 counties in eastern Montana. More information can be found online HERE.