Tester: Debt limit necessary to protect American economy

Senator pledges to keep working to bring government’s books back in balance

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement after voting to protect the U.S. economy and maintain global trust in American leadership by raising the debt limit. Tester was joined by 54 other Senators who chose to make sure the country meets its financial obligations while working to put the nation on more sound financial footing:

“Being a leader means stepping forward when action must be taken – and that’s what today’s vote was all about. Our country does not go back on its word. America’s bills must be paid and ignoring that reality puts our economy, our global standing, and Montanans’ livelihoods at risk.

I will continue to work with responsible lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to bring our budget back into balance and eliminate the need to raise the debt limit, and I will continue to make responsible decisions that put the well-being of Montanans and Americans first.”

A recent Congressional Budget Office report confirmed that the deficit has been reduced by nearly two-thirds since 2009.

Tester is also a sponsor of legislation requiring Congress to pass a balanced budget each year, with exceptions only for national emergencies.