Tester invites Walsh to ‘Montana Coffee’

Senator asks Montana’s newest lawmaker to join bipartisan tradition

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester, now the senior member of Montana’s congressional delegation, today invited fellow U.S. Senator John Walsh to join him at “Montana Coffee.”

Montana Coffee, a tradition started decades ago by former Senator Max Baucus, occurs every Wednesday morning when the Senate is in session. It gives Montana’s lawmakers the opportunity to greet Montanans visiting Washington, D.C.

Baucus invited Tester to Montana Coffee in 2007 after Tester joined the delegation, and the pair extended an invitation to Congressman Steve Daines last year. With Baucus leaving the Senate after six terms in the Senate, Tester is carrying on Baucus’s long-standing custom.

“Max started ‘Montana Coffee’ to make sure that all Montanans who visit Washington, D.C. can meet with their representatives,” Tester said. “I want to make sure John Walsh gets the same opportunity so he can quickly apply the sound judgment he displayed as Lieutenant Governor and on the battlefield to his new role as Senator. I look forward to welcoming John to ‘Montana Coffee.'”

“Growing up in Montana and serving our state has taught me that Montanans have some of the best ideas for how to move our country forward,” Walsh said. “I appreciate Jon’s invitation and look forward to honoring Max’s legacy by meeting with my fellow Montanans at ‘Montana Coffee.'”

Walsh was sworn in as Montana’s newest Senator today. He will attend Montana Coffee with Tester tomorrow. Montana Coffee is located in Room 512 of the Hart Senate Office Building.