Tester meets with Montana education leaders

Senator discusses value of investing in kids’ early education for Montana’s future

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester this week met with leaders of the Montana School Boards Association to discuss the importance of investing in early education to strengthen Montana’s future.

Tester’s meeting comes shortly after Congress passed a bipartisan funding bill that increases resources for early education initiatives and repeals the damaging cuts caused by sequestration. After the meeting, Tester said investing in early education will give young Montanans more tools to succeed and make Montana a better place to live.

“Giving kids an early boost now will pay big dividends down the road for our state,” said Tester, a former elementary school teacher. “Investing in early education is the best way to prepare our kids and grandkids for success that guarantees them a bright future and strengthens our state.”

The school board association members thanked Tester for his long-standing support of education in Montana.

Tester recently co-sponsored The Strong Start for America’s Children Act, which expands young Montanans’ access to high-quality, early childhood education. The bill will improve early childhood education by increasing the quality of infant and toddler care.

Joining Tester in his Washington, D.C. office were School Boards President Sabrina Steketee, President-Elect Wayne Todd and Director of Governmental Affairs Bob Vogel. The School Boards Association works to improve education for all young Montanans and includes members from almost every school district in Montana.

The recent bipartisan funding bill increases investment in initiatives that address gaps in achievement, in special education and in Impact Aid. Impact Aid helps schools make up for lost revenue or address increased costs associated with a federal activity, such as a military base or Indian reservation.