Tester to United Airlines: ‘Affordable air travel will grow Montana’s economy’

Senator meets with execs to discuss need to expand air service, increase economic opportunity

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester today met with United Airlines executives to push them to expand access to affordable air service in Montana.

Tester told United executives that expanding affordable air service will increase economic development in the Big Sky State and help businesses grow and hire new workers. Tester said he regularly hears from constituents about the need for more affordable flight options.

“Affordable air travel will connect Montana businesses with markets around the world and grow our state’s economy,” Tester said. “United provides reliable service to thousands of Montana travelers, and they continue to look for new ways to expand travel to and from the Big Sky State.”

United Airlines is Montana’s second-largest air service provider.

The Kauffman Foundation recently reported that Montana has the highest rate of new business start-ups in the nation. Expanded air travel is also expected to increase business growth and strengthen Montana’s multi-billion dollar tourism industry.