Tester rids nation of ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

Senator restores transparency and accountability for genetically-modified crops

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester successfully removed the controversial ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ from the bill Congress passed Wednesday night to fund the government.

The provision, slipped into a government funding bill in March, directed the U.S. Agriculture Department to ignore any judicial ruling that blocked the planting of genetically-modified crops.

“Stripping out the Monsanto Protection Act is a victory for American consumers and family farm agriculture,” Tester said. “I’m pleased that Congress stood up for accountability and transparency and against special interests. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to make sure that this damaging provision never again makes it into law.”

Tester fought against the provision in March during the last debate on federal government funding. He ultimately voted against the bill due to the inclusion of the rider, saying its inclusion was a “shady backroom deal” that would “let genetically modified crops take hold across the country at the expense of family farmers.”

Tester’s full remarks from March can be found below.

Tester’s Senate Floor Speech Opposing Monsanto Protection Act by les_braswell5524