Tester meets with members of Montana Pork Producers Council

Senator and members discuss pork production, Farm Bill, access to feed stock

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester this week sat down with members of the Montana Pork Producers Council to discuss the importance of passing a new Farm Bill.

Tester met with Montana Pork Producers Council President John Rauser from Toston, Pork Producers Council Vice President Reverend Jacob Waldner from Havre, and board member Reverend Joseph Hofer from Conrad.

Tester and the pork producers discussed the Senate Farm Bill, agreeing that a five-year Farm Bill is essential for helping farmers and rural communities in Montana and strengthening Montana’s economy.

“I always appreciate the opportunity to sit down with Montana’s hard-working farmers and ranchers,” said Tester, the Senate’s only working farmer. “The pork producers are part of the backbone of Montana’s economy and their perspective on keeping their industry thriving is important to me.”

The group also discussed the importance of continued access to affordable feed, from corn to barley. Tester is a long-time advocate for smart ethanol and biofuels production that does not adversely impact the supply of food or feed.

The Senate passed a bipartisan Farm Bill in June, but the House of Representatives refused to vote on the Senate version. The widely-supported Senate measure would reauthorize the Farm Bill for five years, while making reforms that save taxpayers $24 billion.