Tester: ‘Montana’s economic future full of potential’

Senator speaks to Montana Legislature, calls for responsible policies that ‘create a better place for future generations’

(HELENA, Mont.) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester is calling for Montana lawmakers to join him in creating jobs and strengthening the Big Sky State’s economy as he begins his second term in the United States Senate.

Tester, speaking today to a joint session of the Montana Legislature, encouraged lawmakers to work together to support common-sense policies that unleash Montana’s economic potential and put the state on the path to prosperity.

“Uncertainty will set us back,” said Tester, a former President of the Montana Senate. “Irresponsible policies will put us on the wrong track. Focusing on issues that divide us will only send a message that creating Montana jobs is not a priority.”

Tester, who called cutting debt and getting the nation’s fiscal house in order ‘the country’s biggest challenge,’ said that lawmakers should put smart policies above politics in order to create jobs, responsibly develop Montana’s energy resources, and balance the state’s budget.

“Montana’s economic future is full of potential, and it’s going to take responsible public service to drive that potential home,” Tester said. “It’s not just a challenge. It’s a responsibility and an opportunity to prove that citizenship must come before partisanship and that public service is self-sacrifice.”

Tester said that continuing to serve veterans and their families will remain a priority for him. He also reminded the state legislature that they have a tremendous opportunity to help more Montanans access affordable health care.

Tester, a third-generation farmer from Big Sandy, also emphasized lawmakers’ shared responsibility to invest in education to ensure opportunities for future generations and to invest in infrastructure to help small businesses grow.


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