Tester, Baucus pass measure to protect honor of military service

'Stolen Valor' Act makes it a cri9me to profit from lying about military service

(Washington, D.C.) – The Stolen Valor Act co-sponsored by Montana’s U.S. Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus was accepted as an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill being debated on the Senate floor this week. The Stolen Valor Act would make it a crime to lie about military service or medals in order to make a profit.

“The tremendous courage and sacrifice of America’s military heroes should never be diminished,” Tester said. “Montanans agree that no one should profit from lying about serving our country, and this bill makes sure of that.”

“Thousands of Montanans and their families have stepped up to serve this country, and it’s an absolute disgrace that anyone would capitalize on their sacrifices to turn a quick buck,” Baucus said.

Under the Stolen Valor Act, those who lie about military service or medals to obtain anything of value can be punished by a fine and up to one year in prison.