Tester statement on his Dirt Bike language becoming law

Measure will allow children to use smaller, safer dirt bikes and ATVs

(BIG SANDY, Mont.) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement after his language allowing motorsports dealers to again sell safe dirt-bikes and all-terrain vehicles for use by children became law. Tester has long pushed for using “some Montana common-sense” to amend the Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008:

"I'm pleased my common-sense language is finally law and I'm going to keep fighting to make sure policies fit the needs and values of Montana. Safely using motorized vehicles is an important part of our outdoor heritage in Montana, and our laws should reflect that. Thanks to input from regular folks, our laws look a little more like Montana."

The Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008 was designed to keep dangerous products, like toys with lead, out of the hands of young children. But the law has forced many motorsports dealers and repair shops to stop selling and repairing dirt bikes and ATVs for use by children because the vehicles contain internal lead parts.

Tester originally introduced his Dirt Bike Bill in March of 2009 and continued to push for its passage.