Tester statement on nomination of Richard Cordray

(U.S. SENATE) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, today released the following statement following the nomination of Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

“Mr. Cordray has an impressive record of standing up for consumers as Ohio’s top law enforcer.  I look forward to learning more about his record to make sure he’s right for this job, and that he understands the specific needs of consumer protection in rural states like Montana.  I will work closely with whomever gets the job to implement my language protecting rural consumers and Montana’s financial institutions from Wall Street’s bad apples.”

As a member of the Senate Banking Committee, Tester helped write last year’s Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  The measure created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and forever ended taxpayer-funded bailouts of Wall Street.

Tester was the only Senate Democrat to vote against the bailouts of Wall Street, the U.S. auto industry, and the nation of Greece.