Tester: Troop withdrawal needs to be responsible, efficient

(U.S. SENATE) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester tonight released the following statement in response to the President’s plan to withdraw 10,000 American troops from Afghanistan this year, and as many as 23,000 more by September of 2012:

“I’ve supported the plan to begin withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan since I went there earlier this year to meet with our troops and military leaders.  They have done an outstanding job.  Now it is time bring them home responsibly and efficiently.

“But this news makes it clear to the Afghan people that it is time for them to step up to control their own future because America’s sons and daughters — our most precious resources – won’t be there forever.
“We killed Osama bin Laden.  We’ve given Afghanistan the tools and training needed to root out terrorism.  It’s time to wind down in Afghanistan while remaining vigilant in the war against terrorism.”

Tester visited Afghanistan in January.