Tester intervenes in Martin City Post Office closure

Postal Service reconsiders closure at senator’s request

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – The U.S. Postal Service will reconsider closing the post office in Martin City, Mont., at the request of Senator Jon Tester.

On Wednesday the Postal Service (USPS) told residents it will suspend services at the northwestern Montana post office tonight, because the contractor who operates the facility decided to step down.  The contractor had given the USPS a 60-day notice, but the agency wasn't able to find a replacement contractor to keep the post office running.

After receiving word of the situation, Tester called John DiPeri, the Big Sky District Manager for the USPS, urging him to keep the post office open.  In response to that call, DiPeri said today he will visit Martin City next Tuesday and meet with Tester's staff to discuss putting the contract up for bid again.

"I'm glad to see that the Postal Service is making an effort to continue serving small-town Montanans the way it should," Tester said.  "Post offices are important for community identity in places like Martin City.  And I look forward to going back to the drawing board with the Postal Service to negotiate a realistic contract so folks in Martin City will continue have access to the services post offices provide."

Over the weekend the USPS will move all post office boxes in Martin City to Hungry Horse—a move DiPeri says should be temporary until a new post office is up and running.  Until postal service resumes in Martin City, residents will continue to use their current box numbers, as well as the Martin City ZIP code.

Earlier this year, Tester wrote a letter urging the Postal Service to keep open the post office in Kinsey, Mont., after a dispute over the rented post office space. Following Tester's letter the Postal Service and the owner of the post office building reached an agreement to keep the facility running.