Tester announces two additional VA clinics for Montana

Decision is a response to concerns raised by Tester

(BILLINGS, Mont.) – The U.S. Veterans Administration will begin building two clinics in Lewistown and Cut Bank, in response to concerns raised this week by Senator Jon Tester.

Tester is a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.  During a committee hearing Wednesday, he expressed concern over a lack of accessible health care for veterans in rural states like Montana.

Tester learned today that the VA decided to finally build the two new clinics, which had been first proposed in 2004, in response to his concerns.

"This is great news for vets in Montana, and it goes to show that good things happen when we work together to make sure folks in Washington understand our needs," Tester said from his farm in Big Sandy.  "It's an honor for me to fight for the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country."

Tester has long advocated access to quality, affordable health care for all U.S. veterans, calling it a "national priority."  He has also introduced legislation to fairly reimburse vets who travel to VA facilities to receive health care, and to improve access to health care for rural vets.

The VA will begin scouting locations for the Montana clinics immediately.  Both facilities should be up and running within 12 months.