Tester announces new Social Security hearing site in Great Falls

Thanks to Senator’s letter, new site coming to Great Falls

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester today announced that following his request, the Social Security Administration is opening a new hearing location in Great Falls for Montanans who are appealing a Social Security decision.

Tester wrote to the Social Security Administration in April calling for a new hearing site in Great Falls.

In a letter to Tester today, the Social Security Administration announced that it is granting Tester’s request.

“This is wonderful news for the many people in north central Montana who rely on Social Security,” said Bill Bronson, a Social Security Disability attorney in Great Falls who has been driving his clients to Helena for hearings for the past ten months.  “I appreciate Jon going to bat for common sense solutions to save taxpayer money and help Great Falls.”

Tester’s April letter to the Social Security Administration (available HERE) highlighted how Social Security’s decision to close its Great Falls location created numerous scheduling difficulties and cost taxpayers more to pay for travel expenses.  The site was one of the busiest in the state.

“Considering the vast area and diverse population in the area, establishing a permanent remote hearing site in Great Falls makes good sense,” Tester wrote Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue.  “I fully support a permanent remote hearing site in Great Falls and urge you to make it one of your top priorities, while using taxpayer dollars as carefully as possible.”

Tester also noted that the facility served numerous disabled veterans due to its proximity to Malmstrom Air Force Base, as well as several Indian reservations.

Fellow Montana Senator Max Baucus also called for the new hearing site.

Tester’s office assists constituents with hundreds of cases involving their Social Security.  More information is on Tester’s website HERE.

Social Security Commissioner Astrue’s letter to Tester is available online HERE.