Tester: Montana to receive additional $1 million to repair flood-damaged water infrastructure

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement after announcing that Montana will receive an additional $1 million from the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Emergency Watershed Protection Program.  The funding will help repair public water-related infrastructure in Montana that poses a threat to life and property, such as damaged irrigation canals, levees, culverts, and bridges.

“As a farmer, I know that damaged water infrastructure will have a domino effect on Montana agriculture–and our entire economy–unless we get the right resources in place right now.  This responsible investment in reliable water systems is one of those resources that creates jobs, and it will go a long way for Montana farmers, ranchers and rural communities hit hard by flooding.”

Senator Max Baucus added:

“This is one more way we can look under every rock to help our ranchers and farmers get back on their feet. The Emergency Watershed Protection Program is the best, fastest support standing in between Montana’s rural communities and further devastation.  I want to thank USDA for doing the right thing and stepping up to protect bridges from washing away and repair irrigation systems that our ranchers and farmers depend on,”  said Baucus, who requested the additional funding in a letter to USDA yesterday. 

After touring the damaged Huntley Canal with Farm Service Agency Administrator Bruce Nelson last week, Tester announced that Montana would receive $600,000 from the Emergency Watershed Protection Program. The $1 million announced today is in addition to the $600,000 announced last week.

Tester serves on the Senate Committee that oversees funding for FEMA and for the Natural Resource Conservation Service.

He recently launched an online resource center, tester.senate.gov/flood, to provide information to all Montanans affected by flooding.