Baucus, Tester Statements On President’s Budget

(Washington D.C.) – After President Obama released his fiscal year 2010 budget today, Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester released the following statements.

Statement From Senator Baucus:

“I’m currently reviewing President Obama’s budget. And while I am very pleased to see the President’s investment in such critical areas as health care, education, and veterans, I want to make sure that the President is fair to our state. Agriculture programs, and other rural initiatives, shouldn’t be left behind because this is a budget for all Americans.”

Statement From Senator Tester:

“I’m still evaluating how this budget will impact Montana, but I am pleased that it reopens the VA to long-neglected veterans, makes college more affordable, invests in health care and starts us on a path to reduce the deficit.  We need a solid plan to rebuild our economy by investing in Montana priorities and middle-class families again.   So far it looks like the President has hit the mark.”