Tester to support long-term, responsible budget plan

Senator ‘Time to end the nonsense in Washington’

(U.S. SENATE) – Sen. Jon Tester tonight released the following statement in response to House of Representatives’ passage of its short-term budget plan.  The Senate is expected to pass its own long-term plan this weekend.

“Tonight the House voted for another irresponsible, short-term plan that only sets us up for another distracting budget debate in a matter of months.  Their partisan plan is the worst of Washington – it cuts Medicare and Social Security for our seniors in order to protect tax loopholes for millionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas.

“Montanans deserve better than that.  Every weekend I’m home, Montana’s businesses tell me how important it is to have the certainty of a responsible, long-term solution.  They tell me how important it is to preserve Medicare and Social Security and other initiatives like financial aid for higher education, which invest in our future.

“That’s why I’ll be voting for the Senate’s budget plan this weekend.  The Senate plan — constructed with input from both sides of the aisle — removes the dangerous threat of default and provides long-term certainty to Montana’s small businesses, seniors and veterans.  And it does so with significant and responsible spending cuts, no tax increases, and no cuts to Social Security or Medicare.

“Incredibly, some in Congress are okay with letting our country default on our debts.  They’ve drawn a line in the sand in order to benefit their political careers.  But Montana businesses owners (I am one of them) know better.  We know a default means higher interest rates.  Higher costs.  And a drastic blow to the entire economy.

“With no time left on the clock, it’s time to end the nonsense in Washington and get back to work dealing with the bigger issues facing our great state–like creating jobs and improving opportunities for all Montanans.”